easter. 2 years later.

sure. it took me a while to post the rest of this.
but hey, forgive me.
we are in between the U.S. & Canada for a big move right now.
Our family is excited!
Lots of travel taking place these days.

This recipe was my grandma's & she rocked the socks off of it!
Every. SINGLE. time. She was amazing!

So, here I am sharing it with you. Because food is meant to share.
Good food and good company make for amazing memories to be shared, for years to come.


so very overdue.

so, let me just say that I have ALOT to blog about.
ALOT. so many pictures. so much fun. so many ideas.
i was SO very determined to blog everyday.
as we all are, of course.
so i spent alot of money on blog design, finally deciding to just pay someone.
time is money, right?!
well, wrong. i chose someone who only made me a priority at their convenience.
this is not a rant, more of a lesson learned that i feel i should share. 

i had booked the designer immediately after i saw a blog design she did.
it was a blog i had followed for years, so i assumed it was a fabulous choice.
in starting work, they tried to charge far more than the prices published WHEN I BOOKED.
first disappointment. & personally it upset me to have to speak up that way..awkward!

i truly believe in paying for a person's talent & worth.
i DON'T believe in charging someone more.
i am glad this one "big" blog design boosted your clientele and clearly your ego.

as for my blog design... it begins on their schedule & is quite one sided.
i get one say at my "vision" and as I desired tweaks, very little support afterward.
this person is a parent working at home, around their home life...
yet, as a client, my time was not valued either. 
i am a mom to three little girls. a wife. a daughter. a friend. a business owner. a volunteer.

i was instead referred to "help" tutorials to do it myself.
THE ONE, constant & worthwhile request I had was a damn pinterest button. seriously.
this was clear back in MARCH of LAST YEAR, MIND YOU....

so basically, I paid someone WAY too much money to slap up a background and call it a day.
I did not receive even 1/2 of what the "package" promised.
& in emailing this person 4 times since then...NO RESPONSE.
the emails prior were snarky, insensitive & very unprofessional.
rather unfortunate & very comical but you know what they say....
you get what you pay for. so be sure to pay someone friendly :)

i learned a lesson. time is money but money is just money to some people.
i have noticed the designer loves to put large projects right in front.
i am sorry to them that my project was not more financially lucrative.

so here i am. back. i am going to "fix" this blog.
i was filled with absolute buyer's remorse over the money spent & lost.

i am now motivated.
motivated to blog, design, all of it.
being mad is a HUGE waste of my time & effort...
there will always be these situations in the world.

So, out with the blogging rage.
In with the love. In with the fun!
I cant wait to meet all of you & share some fun ideas!

If you have anything interesting or fun everyone should see, please share.
feel free to comment below with your email address! 

much love to all. happy reading. & sorry for the length.
i better work on that. :)


cake {egg} stravaganza.

i love cake
i have yet to meet a cake i didnt at least like, if not love. 
& if you dont like cake, clearly SOMETHING is wrong with you. 
on saturday, i made these beauties [well, some weren't pretty.] out of cake.

happy monday.

today is a busy, busy day for me.
i am a photographer as well 
& i have a photo shoot with a contagiously fun senior today

don't you just feel the need to smile after seeing this photo?! i know it's not just me.