happy monday.

today is a busy, busy day for me.
i am a photographer as well 
& i have a photo shoot with a contagiously fun senior today

don't you just feel the need to smile after seeing this photo?! i know it's not just me.

[this beautiful girl is one of my favorite people on the planet]
her name is jessica. she is crazy smart & very mature. 
i can't believe her graduation is upon us..
i wish her nothing but big things & whatever her heart desires.

life is certainly sweet. & fulfilling.
i decided this blog would be a lovely place to share my lovely finds.
things i cook/bake/create, my insanity at home & everything in between.

i also want you to share your lovely finds, creations, moments...
whatever makes you happy. after all the world can always use more smiles.

so tell your friends about my blog as well. please? pretty please?
there are a couple links getting worked on.
as well as a section that will introduce you to the chaos that is my life.
my life as a mom of 3 little misses, a mrs, business owner....
& every other crazy idea/project i try to conquer in a day.
i tell you, life is lovely & invigorating...

& i offer each of you a challenge.
get out there & live it. take some pictures, share them with me.

happy monday. take love & happiness with you.


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