cake {egg} stravaganza.

i love cake
i have yet to meet a cake i didnt at least like, if not love. 
& if you dont like cake, clearly SOMETHING is wrong with you. 
on saturday, i made these beauties [well, some weren't pretty.] out of cake.

these took me maybe 2 hours from start to finish & i would have liked them decorated better...
however, i had limited time & knew my kids tummies would be accepting of them, all the same.
i used my late grandma's poppy seed cake recipe. the taste & smell of this cake always evokes a happy feeling for me.
& its even better to share these happy feelings, memories & recipes with my kids as they grow up.

don't think i forgot about the adults in the house either. i made some yummy treats for us as well. 
 normally my gram would make a sunny delight glaze for the tops of these...
however, i actually NEVER buy sunny d & i was fresh out of oj too. so, i improvised & used some lemon frosting i had. 
i never, ever used to keep boxed cake mix or frosting on hand. i used to bake everything from scratch. & then, i got pressured by my husband. he loves my cake & all but his favorite cake in the whole world isn't one i make. it's funfetti but only the pillsbury brand. 
& i can accept that. in fact, we have even learned to incorporate it into other recipes. & that part has been fun too! 

you absolutely have to try this recipe! you will NOT regret it! Its SO good!
& SO worth ANY calories you will consume! Happy Late Easter & may the spring be good to you 
[& your waistline!] tutorial coming soon!


Amanda @ New Adventures said...

This looks so fun! What a great idea :)

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